Serving Staten Island since 2004, the DiRosa family has over 75 years of baking experience, most of which happened during their nearly five decade ownership of the renowned Alba Bakery on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn.
As a family owned business, Luigi’s Dolceria’s first rule is to treat it’s loyal and new customers as close friends. Italians have a strong sense of family and baked goods play an intense role in all of their traditions. Luigi’s Dolceria uses the freshest ingredients of utmost quality that best capture the essence of those traditions to give cherished customers the best for their own family gatherings. Upon entering the Dolceria you are greeted by a wonderful display of regional and traditional confections along with an aroma of goodies baked earlier during the day. All of the cakes, pastries and cookies are made from scratch without artificial flavoring or preservatives.

Yes it’s true that at Luigi’s Dolceria there are long lines and you may have to wait a while however, when you get home and taste the freshness and quality of their pastries, you will agree that it was well worthwhile. As Bill Evans from Channel 7 News has claimed, “They’re pastries worth waiting for!”