Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Website

When it comes to search engine optimization no one knows more than Google. The information provided is for websites smaller than 50 pages. This Video gives small business great start-up tips to help you rank higher with the search engines.  I have summarized the main points. The seo tips and info are as follows:


  • Decide whether you want www or non-www version to how on your site
  • Verify Ownership in Webmaster tools
  • Sign up for email forwarding in Google Webmaster tools
  • Perform a background check on your domain
  • Look at keywords listed in Webmaster tools
  • Check
  • Use Fetch as googlebot feature in webmaster tools
  • Use crawl then submit to index
  • Include Google Analytics code
  • Consider user personas for your website
  • Can prospects figure out where they are
  • Can they easily navigate around your website
  • Keep your site design in mind for ease of use
  • Define your conversions
  • Create easy conversions on each page
  • Include relevant keywords naturally in your text
  • Answer questions that customers might have
  • Explain customer satisfaction policy
  • Every page should include
    • topic
    • title
    • meta description
    • keywords (for non-dynamic sites)
    • descriptive anchor text
  • Don't hire rogue or shady SEO companies
  • Don't participate in buying links or schemes
  • Keep page load time quick (.5 seconds)
  • Check company name rank
  • Understand how you rank for other terms through webmaster tools
  • get involved with your audience
  • Generate buzz
  • Create identity on key sites
  • Play to your authentic strengths (use employee strong points)

I have always found Google's advice the best advice. The small amount of time that it takes to perform these tasks for your website are well worth it.  If you need any help let us know. We provide marketing services. If you don't have the time or inclination to work on your website.  212-904-0020 or Contact Us.



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