Google and HP put together a video on best practices for effective websites. Before you start marketing your website it should be effective, or you're wasting your money on advertising. Without an effective website you will pay for visitors but they won't buy.  Learn what makes an effective landing page. Make sure your website layout drives prospects to convert to become buyers. Write content that attracts customers and create an effective marketing campaign on Adwords. I like the way this video engages you in working with ads and customer decision making. It helps to show you how to think, when creating your ads.

The first half of this video gives you tips on an effective website. the second half goes over how to set up an ad campaign on Goggle AdWords. If you need help we can set you up with a Google Adwords campaign. Most people can do it themselves if they have the time. Having a professional to help you can save you time and money.

This one hour video is a good start on how to set up your website and a basic adWords marketing program. I don't know the company that is speaking on the subject. some of the recommendations should be evaluated by you or a qualified consultant in internet marketing before you implement them. If you have a question before proceeding give us a call 347-770-2490 or contact us.

Enjoy the video.