I recently attended a church picnic, and after that a company event in Staten Island. I was impressed with the range of catering that A Taste of Honey was capable of. Part of what I do is publish tips to small business. Their company picnic venue is something every business on Staten Island should look into. They offered a company picnic for small business that allowed each company to bring their employees and join other businesses that want to improve morale and have some fun. The food was good, there were all types of activities run by a professional staff. I think it's a perfect way to boost morale, create camaraderie and a family atmosphere with workers and management. There's nothing like a fun casual picnic that lets people relax and have fun. This caterer mostly does private events, the summer picnic for small business was something they tried out this summer.

My local Rotary is also holding an Oktoberfest at this same place where the menu is authentic German food, entertainment and atmosphere .Evelyn the proprietor has taken care of everything and  that makes it easy for us to run a great event and enjoy ourselves. Finding the right caterer can make for a successful and memorable event. A Taste of Honey offers a variety of venues from Hawaiian and barbeque more formal fare, fitting for the most demanding brides and event planners. You can choose the outdoor grounds at Nansen Lodge, which include a pavilion and open areas for activities. They have a banquet hall for larger events and a cozy cottage for smaller get-togethers.   On and off premise catering is also available so you can have excellent food and service in the location of your choice. You can do something on your company grounds or in that special place where you always wanted to have a party. Appreciating your employees can really make a difference in retaining them. It helps people get along, be more productive and keeps the workplace a more pleasant place to be in. Take care of your help and they'll take care of you.

A Taste of Honey can accommodate your special occasions from a small private get together in their private cottage to a company picnic with all of the outdoor activities provided for, to your birthday, wedding or other event. Their talented kitchen crew can prepare a gourmet cocktail party on a yacht, or at a place of your choosing. Their family of chefs, waiters, bartenders, and planners can walk your family through all your celebrations. Christenings in our banquet hall, graduation parties in our cottage, family reunions under the pavilion, or weddings in one of our many off site venues.

Call their office today 718-983-0464 to see how easy party planning can really be.

Don’t forget to ask about our allergy sensitive menus and their regional specialties.