Since our web design office is based on Staten Island, I thought it would be nice to add a quick tour . Many people don't know that Staten Island has some tourist attractions, things to do, culture and is a great place to live and work.  Some of Staten Island's attractions include The Staten Island Ferry which can bring you from Manhattan to Staten Island and back for free, but before returning make sure you visit The Esplanade, The Staten Island Yankees, The September 11th Memorial, The Staten Island Museum, borough hall and The Staten Island Museum They are all within a five minute walk from the ferry. Eat at on of the fine restaurants in Saint George.  You can also visit Snug Harbor Cultural Center, The Staten Island Zoo, South Beach Boardwalk, The Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier and more.  From There the Verrazzanno Bridge isn't far and it's next to Fort Wadsworth. You can also visit the Alice Austen House, Garibaldi Museum and Historic Richmond Town. There is more detail and directions on the video.

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