Email marketing is alive and well, but old email promotions are dead. If you want your emails to be more effective, here are a few ways to spice up your email advertising.

  1. Get the customer's Attention in the Subject
  2. Write compelling text.
  3. Make sure your email uses HTML
  4. Add Photos that sell
  5. Add a  video link
  6. Track Links
  7. Personalize emails
  8. Offer social networking links
  9. Test different emails for response rate
  10. Always get permission

When you want to get the most out of email marketing keep a few things in mind. these ten tips can help you stay focused and deliver an effective email marketing campaign that get's results.

Always get the customers attention in the subject line. Take some time and get creative. Don't be misleading but something amusing or entertaining always helps. Make sure your email text is on point and compelling. don't meander in your message and close with a call to action. Make sure you offer HTML and text emails to reach the largest amount of potential customers. HTML holds the consumers attention if it's available to them, but you want the message to be readable as text to incase it's opened on cell phones or email that isn't HTML enabled. Make sure your using professional photos that convey your message and make purchasing your product or service appealing. No amateur photos please. Ad a video link of animated GIF to help display your message. Look at your emails to decide who you will send videos to. Google seems to be more forgiving for videos than Yahoo! or Outlook. Animated GIFs can be used for the latter email servers. Make sure your email marketing provender offers tracking of links so that you can see who is opening your email and where they are going. Make sure you provide links in you email message so your customers can get to your website easily and you can track who is looking at your website for future sales.

Make sure you use mail merge to personalize your emails. No one likes "Dear Recipient" as a greeting. Personalize your emails by creating separate lists for different interests. Send people emails that are appropriate for what they are most interested in. target marketing is imperative for personalization of your email program. The biggest turn-off is getting an email for something you wouldn't consider buying.

I know your probably getting tired of the Facebook like button if your in the web  marketing industry but your customers aren't. They draw attention to themselves while drawing attention to your product when they use a Facebook like or Twitter share button etc. Use them. Ensure that  the same share buttons on your website will allow the customer to exploit their experience to all of their friends.

the beauty of email is you can test different email approaches to several segments of your email list and compare response rates. Test and test some more. Use the best performing email for the rest of your lists. while we're on the subject of email lists make sure you have permission to send email to people. Spamming is illegal and frowned upon. Don't make email haters out of potential fans. Get Permission first. 

I hope this quick email tips list help you add a little spark to your email campaign. Happy Emailing.