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Reasons For a Responsive Website

Mobile website usage is growing by leaps and bounds. Your customers are looking for sites that are friendly to their device of choice. Get an edge on the competition. If you have a responsive website and your competition doesn’t, that may be a good reason people to abandon their site and buy from yours. Positive […]

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The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Marketing your business is more than just creating a message and determining how to split your budget, it’s also about knowing the recent trends and positioning your money where you’ll get the greatest returns.

The internet is a dynamic kingdom, and online marketing is in a continuous flux, containing search engine marketing, which has developed over […]

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SEO and Blogging on Your Site

Websites today compete for the top spots on Google and Bing when consumers search for a service. While consumers may not search for that particular business, it may come up based on it’s services, and the amount of clicks the site gets. One way the sites get noticed is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO […]

Benefit from Online Reviews

Today, customers have endless opportunities when it comes to interacting with brands. If you love a certain product you just ordered, you can leave a personal review on the company’s website. If the service at a particular restaurant was poor, you have the option of leaving a negative review on their site for everyone to […]

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How to make your company stand out on Instagram

Looking to attract more followers on Instagram? Are you using Instagram to its full potential?Instagram engagement is approximately 58 times higher per follower than Facebook. Don’t underestimate its marketing potential.

Here are 5 ways to make your brand stand out on Instagram to achieve more followers and get better exposure for your business.

1. Advertise your Business

Research […]

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5 Tips To Amplify Your Business Through Online Marketing

The 21st century focuses on innovation and technology, and marketing is not exempt from these trends. While you might be uncertain about the benefits of internet marketing, understanding the tremendous power it has can change your mind.
What the Customers want:
When possible clients hear about your company through word-of-mouth or a print advertisement, they usually want […]

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Most Effective Facebook Calls To Action

Just asking someone to share a post is frequently the most effective call to action (CTA) for Facebook posts by brand according to recent reports (TrackMaven).
Posts that contain the word “share” have almost two times as many social actions (likes, comments, and shares) on average compared with those that do not (4.02 vs. 2.19 average […]

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Building a Website – Things To Consider

Before you decide to have a website built, think about what you want the site to accomplish for your buiness. Will it be a brochure site, a blog or an e-commerce site? Pick a platform that suits your needs. We like WordPress for blogs. Open Cart and Magento for e-commerce, vTiger for CRM and you […]

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Customer Service Tips

As more companies lean towards computerizing and outsourcing, one thing that stays prevalent in the business world is customer service. No matter what your competition in an area may be, customer service and relations come to play huge roles in how a consumer rates a company in any field.

    Getting to know your customers […]

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Organic Search – Why It’s Important

Many business owners come to me asking for more traffic to their website. The thought never occurs to them that having great content on your website is paramount to attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Today there is no magic pill for web traffic for small business. If you want returning customers, giving them […]

The Difference Between WordPress and Bootstrap

The internet is changing once again, with the evolution of new mobile products many people are looking at alternatives to standard web platforms. Among websites, WordPress is one of the most common topping 17% of sites. This titan of the web industry is built to allow for easy use, dynamic visual flow along with interactive […]

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Online Marketing Tools for Your Business

Beginning to market your business can be a challenge, if you don’t know where to start. Marketing online is not just about making a website, or forming a facebook page. Whether posting pictures, videos, or articles for your business, you need to know what look, demographic, and format you should have. Here are ten basics […]

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Why do you need a mobile website?

The majority of American families have access to more than one mobile device on any given day. Over 15% of all internet access in America comes from a mobile device and is rising every day. Use of smartphones and tablets has exploded and the small business hasn’t kept up with mobile demand. The best way […]

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It’s 2014. Where’s Your Marketing Plan

It's 2014. Where is your marketing plan? Hopefully you have cut back or eliminated your telephone book ads and created a fresh website with a local professional website designer, which can help you market your business online. Once your site is built you need to create multiple streams of traffic to your website. Market […]

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Promote Your Website Online

Today, there are a lot of changes happening in the internet world, especially when it comes to the topic of search engine optimization. It is accurate that some search engine optimization structures have significantly changed; moreover it is true that following some simple plans and working properly and legally will always permit online website owners […]

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The importance of a professional website

When it comes to your website, the design is important to receive traffic and survive. Research has shown that first impressions are very influential for a company and their website. A consumer’s first impression takes approximately seven seconds of viewing a websites homepage. If a website contains a poor design, consumers will perceive it as […]

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Happy Holidays from BetterBizworks Web Design and Internet Marketing

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.


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Instagram for your PC


I have been looking for a reliable way to post photos on Instagram from my PC. I found a way that works on PCs and MACs. The website offering software to allow you to do this is Gramblr.com owned by Nokia. Once you install Gramblr software you can edit photos in you favorite editor. This […]

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Dr. James Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez has been practicing on Staten Island since 1995 and is located at 2375 Richmond Ave. Besides private practice, he has also maintained his position of Attending Dentist at Lutheran Medical Center. This has allowed him to supervise and teach young dentists, while helping to bring quality dental care to the people of Sunset […]

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Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Staten Island & Brooklyn with superior customer service since 1990. We are located at 1935 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, New York. We are authorized Trane Dealers and we do most of the heating and air conditioning installations and servicing for Staten Island's Home Depot stores. Air […]

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