Intrusion Detection- 

When it comes to information security, the process of discovering actions that attempt to tap into a resource’s privacy or integrity is known as intrusion detection.  Implemented both manually and automatically, intrusion detection can be effective either way. BetterBizWorks can design a network with intelligent intrusion detection, to ensure that your critical data stays protected.   

Security Penetration- 

Commonly known as a penetration test or pentest, this process is an assessment of a computer or network’s security which is conducted by activating a malicious source known as the Black Hat Hacker.  This process successfully evaluates the strength of a system’s security by testing system configuration, software flaws, potential vulnerabilities and several other aspects.  

Secure Network and Server Setups-

At BetterBizWorks part of our job is to develop secure setups for both networks and servers.  Through our experience in website construction and online technology we take several measures to ensure the safety of your business’ website and server.  By enhancing the stability of your network setup and server setup, we can drastically decrease the chances of being hacked.