2015 Web Design Trends

The Web Design Trends for 2015 include clean, flat design with large beautiful images. All websites should be responsive. Given the current trends with tablets and smart phones you can’t afford not to have a responsive website. Font styles over and above the traditional 10 are the rage. Google fonts and web font kits make […]

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Important Digital Business Tools

This is a partial list of 45 useful digital business tools. We teach seminars that allow business owners and managers to take advantage of over 100 tools to give your business an edge over the competition. Call us for a schedule of our next free seminar. 212-904-0020 or join our mailing list.

Google Apps for business […]

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Mortgage Brokers Should Take a Look At This.

I came across this free widget and thought it might be useful for mortgage brokers. If you need help with this give us a call at 212-904-0020


Powered by Mortgage Rates Widget

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BetterBizWorks Voted #1 Website Design Company by The Greatest Around!

The Better Biz Works team would like to take a moment to thank our customers, clients, friends and members of the Staten Island community for voting us the #1 Website Design Company on Staten Island by TheGreatestAround.com.  Developed by Efferent Media Inc., The Greatest Around is an Internet based company that ranks the best of […]

Blogging for your Business

In the age of social networking keeping in touch with customers is a very important part of doing business today.  Many dynamic webpages offer the feature of presenting a blog to those who visit your website.  Blogs are simple and easy to get started.  It is a representation of your business and could be anything […]

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Gmail’s “Temporary Error 500″

"Temporary error 500" is the doom phrase of the day for gmail users worldwide. Issues with Google email accounts began surfacing on twitter and facebook this morning around 11:50 AM Eastern Standard Time.  Upon signing into a gmail account, most users are hindered from accessing their inbox due to a "Temporary error 500" message.  While […]

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Google Apps For Business On The Cloud

Keeping your business on the cloud instead of held captive on a server, in your office is more efficient, more effective and more convenient than ever before. Google Apps offers an easy way to keep email, documents, events, and business communications all in one place with easy access for you and your employees. Google Apps […]

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SOPA – What is it?

SOPA is he latest attempt at stopping online piracy which for the most part is a good thing. The problem is that the latest series of bills also affects our liberty. Protecting against copyright infringement and illegal content on websites. These bills are supposedly targeted at websites that allow indiscriminant piracy on a huge scale. […]

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Refine Your Website Marketing

Most business owners I speak with aren't clear on what their business goals are for their website. They know they want more customers. For the most part they have created an extension of their business card online, but they haven't set up a blueprint for how to funnel the visitor into:

Providing lead information
Making a Purchase
Signing […]

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Google Currents

Google Currents is a great app for viewing magazine or e-zine subscriptions. I recently added this to my arcos tablet and it works great. The app runs smooth. It's visually appealing and  has dozens of excellent free subscriptions to get you started. google Currents offers a good start. Hopefully there will be more subscriptions soon. […]

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Google+ is Catching On

If you like Facebook but feel that you need a better way to sort through different classifications of friends, Google+ is for you. It's taken a while to catch on but it is growing steadily. I like the Circles feature Here is a quick look at Google+.

If you want a better explanation of the Circle […]

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SI Computer Hospital has Launched It’s New Website

CPU Computer Parts Unlimited, Inc. has Launched it’s new wesbite at www.sicomputerhospital.com  . Your Local Full Service Staten Island Computer Repair/Laptop Repair Experts!
CPU Computer Parts is located at 1957 Victory Blvd., in the heart of Westerleigh in Staten Island, New York. Their quality service will make them your Computer Techs For Life!  They offer Local […]

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Website Design on Staten Island

BetterBizWorks, LLC provides superior website design and Internet Marketing to Companies on Staten Island. If you have a business on Staten Island and you're thinking of creating a web presence you you show call us and set an appointment to see why more businesses turn to us for a new website , and or internet […]

Enhancing your visibility

In this video, Google webmaster Matt Cutts talks about a few techniques on how to enhance your web presence on USA Today's Talking Tech with Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham.  To learn about some basic measures that you can take to increase the visibility of your business, watch the video below.   

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Steve Jobs Unfulfilled Dream: Destroying Android

It's no secret that Apple founder and innovator Steve Jobs had a major hatred toward the Android Operating Device.  Android was initially released by Google's Open Handset Alliance in September 2008; however, it wasn't until the winter of 2010 that Jobs started to hold a grudge.  During this time, the HTC Android was released and […]

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Promoting Your B to B Business Online

If you manage or own a business to business company, hopefully you know that your advertising dollars should get the most mileage online. The internet allows us to make connections quickly and easily on the web. Advertising, PR, exposure, presentations, videos, articles and blogs are easily at the fingertips of your most sought after porspects. […]

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What Is Google Wallet?

Google wallet allows consumers to store their credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and coupons on an app on their smartphone. Rewards coupons and offers can be processed through google wallet. al cards are put through as credit cards so you never enter a debit PIN number. This video we posted is a good basic […]

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Google+ Tips

Here is a video from Google on how to get started with Google+. You can get started by making some circles. This video will show you how. The most interesting thing about Google+ is it's ability to create different circles of friends. In traditional social networking sites everyone the you associate with can be in […]

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Backup Your Website Files

I come across many issues with business ownwers because they never thought about backup files of their website, or worse yet their previous web designer didn't have a backup before something went wrong. This leaves the business owner with nothing but a memory of a website. Many things can go wrong when it comes to […]

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Learn about Google Chromebook

Is it a laptop or a computer. Can I connect to the web. How fast does it start up? What about anti-virus? Where is my data stored? It's all here. Learn about Google Chromebook. It's different.

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