When you look at your existing website what do you see? Do you see something you are proud to show a customer or something less impressive. The fact is that the majority of website owners aren't happy with their existing websites. More than eighty percent of website owners think their website could use some improvement. If you are one of those website owners this article is for you.


Be Dynamic

You next site should be dynamic. You should be able to change the content on your site without calling in the cavalry. Today's websites allow you to edit the body of the site without effort. This keeps you content fresh and exciting. It also keeps the search engines coming back and re-visiting your site to see what's new. That can help your search rankings and keep your customers coming back at the same time. It also stops customer complaints. Nothing upsets a customer more than finding out that the special they read about on your website is no longer available because you didn't update it. Keeping a dynamic website is important.


Visual Appeal

Add some visual appeal to your website. Pictures and videos can spice up a site and break up the monotony of all that print. People are getting lazier. They're reading less and enjoy being talked at once in a while add a video with music and narration along with some captions and you'll keep your visitors happier. Happy visitors tend to buy more.


Be Social

Add social networking to your website. Let your customers advertise your website on their favorite social website like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and others. People enjoy liking webpages on Facebook and tweeting their favorite sites on Twitter. Take advantage of these trends. 


Analyze It

Look at your website statistics. Set up a Google Analytics account and figure out who your users are, what key words they use to find you, See where your visitors are coming from and where they're leaving your site. These statistics can help you to improve your site on an ongoing basis. Since you'll have a dynamic website you can constantly improve it according to what your visitors like. You can also keep track of what kind equipment they are looking at your website with. You'll know if they're using PC's, Macs, Mobile phones, tablets etc.


In summary your website needs to keep up with new trends and the demands of your visitors. Today with a dynamic website, it's much easier to update your site and keep your customers happy. If your web designer can't provide these kinds of features look elsewhere. Of course we're always happy to help out 😉