Most of the people trying to increase their website rank are on the wrong track. Here is a Video Clip from Vanessa Fox. She wrote the book – Marketing In The Age of Google. Anyone trying to market their company on the Internet needs to read this book. There are too many so-called SEO companies trying to sell this mystery of marketing on the Internet. Vanessa explains how fulfilling the customers needs lets the search engines show your website more often because of relevance. Satisfying a consumers needs during a search creates success for today's internet companies. Combining quality marketing with customer satisfaction along with some basic knowledge of how people search can lead you to success on the internet. The tools are out there. In the following video Vanessa fox gives a few tips that you may not have thought about. Most of them are free. My advice is buy the book, read the book and market your business on the Internet the right way. If you need help call us.