Branch Debris Removal Tips for Staten Island and the rest of the NYC Boroughs

Residents of Staten Island need to arrange a pick-up time when discarding any and all tree prunings, firewood, and other organic woody debris. This appointment can also be used for the freak storm that NY has experienced. You can request an appointment by calling 311, or you can Request an appointment online here: Schedule an Appointment. NYC Sanitation Dept. will schedule a pickup for your branches and debris. Please follow the bundling instructions below. This wood can be used for mulching when an appointment is made in this manner. So you can feel good about disposing of your waste this way.

  •     All wood debris must be free of nails, cement, or any other non-wood materials.
  •     Debris must be bundled in bales no larger than 3 by 4 feet. Bundles must be tied with twine or rope.
  •     There is a maximum of 30 bundles permitted per appointment.
  •     Do not use nylon line, tape, or other binding material to bundle woody debris.
  •     No single piece of debris can be greater than 4 feet long or 10 inches wide.

Bundle all trees and wood with twine

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