Look out! It looks like we'll be moving from Regular PCs to to Google TV. Imagine having the convenience of on demand searching on your television. Watch what you want when you want and you don't have to watch TV and search the internet on your laptop. You can do it all on one gadget. Your Google TV. I wonder what this will do to the Internet, websites, online ordering and e-Commerce. I think it will change he way we buy. Google TV could change the way we design websites. I never though about how a consumer would react from the comfort of their couch. It will change the meaning of Couch Potato. Couch potatoes may become geniuses because they'll spend all their time on the web, instead of the idiot box. Interactive PC TV that allows you to buy on demand could change everything. Just imagine the possibilities. We're ready for it. Are you. If you would like to look into what Google TV is all about check out this video.



If you take a few minutes to think about the power of having your web browser on your television with all of the convenience of your PC, the benefits are overwhelming. Check you email during commercials, chat on Facebook while watching the local news on the same gadget. there probably wouldn't be a need for TIVO either, because it will all be built in to your TV PC. Google claims people watch 5 hours of television every day by 4 billion television viewers. Conventional television is easy to use but you have to conform to televisions programming schedule. When Google TV comes out you will probably have whatever you want at your convenience on demand. Previous attempts to combine television with the web have failed because most television manufacturers have tried to simplify or dumb down the web. real PC users don't want their web experience limited. Google wants to change all that. Google wants to offer the best of television combined with the best of the web. That has to work. the video below is from Google I/O. It is a six minute video that explains the concept and leaves you wanting more.


So far that's all I have officially on Google TV, but the possibilities of what this will do for Internet traffic and interaction will be life changing. The initial reaction from most people I have spoken to is one of fear at first, until they stat to think about the benefits. I think most people thought that the move to high definition big screen televisions was a costly one and the thought of this hybrid technology has them reeling over the possible cost. I have faith in Google. because advertising is the mainstay for Google my thoughts are that Google TV will be extremely cost effective. Let's see what happens.