Putting an ad on Google AdWords can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and make sales. Creating an effective ad is imperative in order to create profitability in your AdWords marketing program here are some tips for more effective advertising.

  • Use the best Keywords
  • Use Keywords tool & Wonder Wheel
  • Write a compelling ad
  • Be specific in your writing
  • Try to make your ad stand out over the competition
  • Use the most popular Keywords in your ad
  • Make a special offer
  • Give unique selling points
  • Offer a call to action
  • Capitalize the first letter in each word
  • Send customers to the most effective page

There are other articles on this blog that show you how to create the proper keywords, search for wonder wheel and keywords tool. You can find the keywords tool in Google AdWords and you can find the Wonder wheel in Google search in the left margin under all results. Once you build your ads test them and compare the results. This short video drives most of these points home for an effective AdWords ad.




Each ad you create in AdWords should be for a specific product, or for a specific line of products. The more general you make an ad the less effective it usually is. As you create different ads in your AdWords accounts you need to organize them, so you can track them better. You can compare them so that you know which ads are creating more profitability and which ones aren't working. This also works for groups of keywords. Organizing you account can increase revenue. check out the video below to help you organize your AdWords account.



Finding the proper keywords for each ad is important. deciding how to use the options in keywords can help you pinpoint your advertising better. The video below can help you to pick the right keywords and the proper amount of them for each ad. Remember to use keyword tools and wonder wheel to help you find a variety of keywords. You can also use Google trends and Insights mentioned in other articles here to help you find new fads and trends in Internet search. take a look at the video below to help you with keywords.



Finally, Once you have set up your ads and your keywords comes the part that takes more nerve. that's setting the bids and budget for your AdWrods campaign. This is the part that can cost you dearly if you don't understand it. For this task I posted a video from Google Business' Chief Economist. He gives a 10 minute tutorial on the Google Bidding prcoess and how to mathematically calulate cost and ROI on your marketing program. Using these formuals can help you to develop a plan for maximum profitability. It may sound dry but it's an important part of the advertising equation. Don't skip this step.



Now that you have the ad writing, keyword research, organized your campaign along with an understanding of ROI and the bidding process go to Adwords, read as much as you can and get your ad campaign going. Using AdWords i conjunction with a solid organic ad program can give you the best of both worlds. Contact us if you need some guidance. We offer AdWords management if you need some help or if you would like us to handle the advertising do you can run your business. We're here to help if you need us. Either way we're we want to see you succeed in your Internet marketing endeavors. Have fun, make money ang go get em!