We have posted an 8 minute tutorial from Google on Google Analytics. This tutorial will show you some of the most commonly used analytics features. If you're interested in what your website is doing for you and what your customers do when they are on your website you need to install Google analytics on your website. Google Analytics is free and it can be installed in minutes. If you're looking to improve the quality of your website traffic this would be the place to start. There are plenty of books that are available that can help you to understand and analyze the data  here.

Some of the Google Analytics peatures covered here are:

  • Dashboard features and customization
  • Adding, understanding and exporting reports
  • Visitor Information and scorecards
  • Traffic sources
  • Working with content
  • Conversions
  • Comparing information with date ranges

If you have a WordPress  website we recommend installing Wassup for in site traffic reporting.  The combination of these two website statistics applications can be very beneficial.  Feel free to post questions here. We love to help people improve their websites..