Keeping your business on the cloud instead of held captive on a server, in your office is more efficient, more effective and more convenient than ever before. Google Apps offers an easy way to keep email, documents, events, and business communications all in one place with easy access for you and your employees. Google Apps makes it easy to collaborate while your on the road, in the office or at home. Some of the benefits of having an office on the cloud is having the ability to share your calendar , contracts, agreements, presentations, and communications with everyone that works with or for your wherever they are. Google's Gmail is one of the best email systems with world class search features and ease of use. If you haven't tried their effortless video chat you are missing something. interoffice video communication has never been easier. If you are a New York Business and you're not using these features contact us and we'll show you what you're missing. When you combine Google Apps with some of our website solutions, CRM databases and Internet marketing programs you'll be flying way above the competition. That's what utilizing the cloud is all about. 212-904-0020