If you like Facebook but feel that you need a better way to sort through different classifications of friends, Google+ is for you. It's taken a while to catch on but it is growing steadily. I like the Circles feature Here is a quick look at Google+.



If you want a better explanation of the Circle feature on Google+ it's here. Circles allows you to manage relationships better than other social networking websites. You can be more selective and more forgiving on relationships at the same time.



Google+ allows you to start a hangout using their video feature. I haven't tried this yet. (at the time of this writing) It looks interesting. I'm curious to see if Google hangout's is subject to bandwidth issues. Here's the video.


All in all, Google+ is adding some killer features that is sure to keep Facebook on their toes. It's definitely more attractive to us geeks for now, but I think the rest of the world will catch on soon. If you haven't given Google+ a try you should. We're interested in your feedback.