Nope, you haven’t been drinking too much:  Google has released a limited time beer known as URKontinent.  Produced by the Delaware based Dogfish Head Brewery, the temporary blend is composed of ingredients hailing from nearly every continent.   This merging of distant components is an obvious symbol of how google connects and serves people from nearly every corner of the globe.  Here is an overall description on the flavor of the beer:

Brewed in the fashion of a Belgian Dubbel, this beer starts with a deep Belgian candi syrup along with Munich and Pilsner malts.  While the foundation of the beer has a Belgian influence, this brewski is only partially Flemish as toasted Amaranth from South America adds the distinct flavor of grain. Complementing South America’s contribution is the light floral notes of Green Rooibos from Africa and the mocha like scent of Australia’s Wattleseed.  Hive Plex Honey from the bee’s of California contribute to the sweetness of the beer while European Myrica Gale adds a slight bitter taste, bringing the beer full circle.

While this beer is the recommended drink of choice for Google hangouts, it’s not suggested that that you drink it while setting up a GoogleAdwords account; however, if it does happen, you can return the empty bottles to redeem a bottle deposit.

To learn more about Google's beer, simply click the video below or Google it!