The trend for online marketing grows stronger and stronger every year. From searching to shopping to buying, all the statistics point to an expanding online market, while print dwindles. So, why is it that half of small businesses spend less than half of their advertising budget online. I believe it's lack of knowledge and fear of online advertising that causes this advertising disparity. The main reason for this blog is to educate small business on how to market online. we want you to get comfortable with online advertising. The articles here will show you different methods of online advertising, the benefits and how to try it yourself. If you don't want to impermanent online advertising on your own, we can do it for you. Just contact us and we can set up a comprehensive marketing plan for you.

I came across this video produced by Google on what they learned about search in 2010. The statistics are staggering. Every year these online marketing stats get stronger and stronger, yet online marketing from small business lags these figures. It's my mission to help small bushiness get on board. Take a look at the search trends in this video and I think you'll realize that many people are spending a good portion of their lives online. You need to be part of that online life.



after looking at the search facts for 2010 most business owners need to consider some web advertising in their marketing plan. It can be as simple as:

  • Create a social network profile online
  • Create a website
  • Add your business to local online directories
  • Add your business to Google Maps
  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Start a pay per click ad campaign
  • Post banner ads on websites or search engines
  • Post a video to
  • attend one of our free seminars

The good news about online advertising is you can start quite a bit of advertising for free. Then you can let the proceeds from your efforts help to fund a full online program. Feel free to  browse our site for ideas on effective online marketing techniques. Remember we're here to help if you need it..