Charles Di Bartolo - BetterBizWorks Web Design and Internet Marketing

Charles Di Bartolo - BetterBizWorks Web Design and Internet Marketing


When it comes to marketing online everyone's goal is the same. We need to increase our sphere of influence. Sometimes that means increasing our geographic footprint. At other times it means finding more people in our niche market. Spreading awareness has become easier and easier, but increasing your return on investment has become more challenging. Here are some techniques that might work for your business.


Give something away to get more information. Offer an e-book, an e-newsletter, or a tip sheet that people may find useful in return for contact information. Membership discounts or a customer rewards program can go a long way for existing customers in an ailing economy.


Make use of social media. Most of us have an account with Facebook, linked In or Twitter. If you have a visually appealing product you may want to try or . While I am a believer that social media isn't the be-all and end-all for transactions it is a great tool for raising awareness online.


Remember that if you are promoting and raising awareness online you must send the consumer to a place where a transaction can be created. That would be a well planned website. Create a squeeze page on your website that creates interest quickly, answers the most important questions and gathers contact info or makes the sale. Keep your website fresh with new and growing content to keep your visitors coming back.


Another factor in the online landscape is online reviews. Make sure you are aware of reviews that are being written about you. Encourage positive reviews. Ask happy customers to write them. Add testimonials to your site, and stay on top of negative reviews. Respond to them and try to make the customer happy.


Remember, there is no magic pill for online marketing. It takes work and dedication but it can be the most effective game in town. Use it to your full capacity.