Growing Your Small Business on Staten Island

If you're looking for help growing your small business on Staten Island, where can you go for help. There are plenty of places. It seems lonely out there when a small business wants help. we go to our friendly banker, but we find out that they're only friendly when there's collateral to put up in exchange for our loan. Most small business entrepreneurs don't have the collateral or income available to get the help they need. Most entrepreneurs have a great idea. They might have a small amount of startup money and a few connections within the industry that they want to compete in. Now what? The first thing I would recommend is to visit your local Small Business Development Center and SCORE which is a Small Business Administration partner. The help at these places are free. The government has funded these programs to help small business get a head start. You can gain from the expertise of these individuals who offer their time to help small business succeed.  At the time of this writing you can visit SCORE on Staten Island at and The small Business Development Center on Staten Island can be visited at . Both of these organizations can help you to build a business plan. look for funding, analyze the competition and improve your business strategy. They can also help you avoid the pitfalls that most start-ups make. You can also look to The small Business Administration for help. The main site is at . If you are a woman owned business you should also go to the Women's Business Center at

After you have set up a solid business plan, applied for funding needed and you want to start marketing your business, you may want to look into Staten Island's Chamber of Commerce. at . The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce offers quite a bit of business help. They also offers seminars, mixers and events to help you grow your business. You can contact the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce at 718-727-1900.

There are many more places once your business is up and running. We will offer a series of articles on this so keep checking in. Remember if you need help on the Web, call us at 347-770-2490 or Contact Us.

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