Google Docs is almost four years old at the time of this post. When Google first launched Google Docs  the ability to access documents from anyone's PC was cutting edge. To some people today it is something people haven't considered. Four Years ago Google Docs offered a simple word processing platform. Later they added a spreadsheet and a rudimentary presentation application that did the basics. Many people true to the religion of the internet tried it and found that while there was a benefit to accessing documents online, Google Docs still fell short as a fully functional quality word processor, spreadsheet and presentation application. Cloud application technology  has been steadily improving over the years.

Recently Google released a preview of their new document editor. The new version supports a new ruler, alignment features and per-paragraph line spacing. There are otherfeatures worth looking at in their demo video here.



We think Google Docs is an office suite application every business should consider. Since Googles basic application is free everyone should try it.  BetterBizWorks, LLC adds Google Docs to anyone we do a website for upon request. We add Google Docs for free because we feel every business should have it. Contact Us to find out more.

Google Docs import quality has been improved, allowing you to import documents from traditional desktop word processors into Google Docs.  Google has also added collaboration features that are worth trying. A sidebar has been added that lets you see who else is editing your documents at the same time and even chat with them to help collaboration efforts. You can actually see other people editing documents in real time.

More new features will be added shortly. Some of them may include:

  • Drawings
  • Web Clipboard
  • Table of Contents

An offline editor will be re-introduced in the not too distant future.

If your not already a fan of Google Docs, now is a good time to give it a try.

Yours in Technology,

Charles Di Bartolo

BetterBizWorks, LLC