How Can Word of Mouth Help Your Website?

15% of all word of mouth conversations originate from internet search. Word of mouth can make or break your business. Your job is to figure out how to create a buzz about your business through online search. We believe heavily in blogs for word of mouth topics. Google has done some research on Word of Mouth searches and how they affect conversations. I have included the video in this post. The Internet has become the source that leads conversations for word of mouth. As a webmaster/business, it  should be your main goal to create a buzz that turns out searches that create word of mouth conversations to create more traffic to your website and conversions for your business. The way the internet is becoming the place to collect information and create opinions, It could become the next breeding ground for most conversations replacing the news, sports, television, movies etc. It's worth researching and thinking about. Creating buzz strategies for the Internet can be a valuable tool to guerilla market your company on the net.


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