How Does Google Instant Affect Search

Google instant is a new way Google helps it's search to find what they're looking for. It's like an auto fill in for your searches. It will also shape the way websurfers search on Google. It may shape the way people search. Google instant appeals to the instant gratification people are looking for on the web. watch the video, and see how Google Instant can help you search, how it will change the way people search. and change the way webmasters will find keywords for their websites. 

This is an introduction on Google Instant and below it is a 1.5 hour video on the Google Instant Launch with all the benefits and features included in it. the first thirty minutes of the video is sufficient to understand the features and benefits of Google Instant. After that Google gets into the benefits to Google, the technical aspects and the theory. The middle 45 minutes is more for programmers, engineers etc. and can be skipped by the laymen. The last half hour includes a Q & A that you may find useful.



If you made it through the whole video, you will see that Google Instant is most likely the future of search. It will make people enjoy using search more. It will make them more effective at search, but for those of us in the internet industry it will change the keywords people use and make them more effective at finding exactly what people want from the web. Making searchers more efficient takes the load off of search engines like Google but it also cuts down on the browsing where customers might find you by mistake. Webmasters will have to be more efficient at their keyword use. One of the feature included is personalization of search suggestions will include a users previous history of clicks, which means effective keywords will be different for each user making SEO specialists jobs more difficult. They will have to understand more about what fuels Google Instant and the individual consumer. Catering to the individual consumer is the future of SEO, and will always be included in the end goal of the smart website owner.

Once people get used to Google Instant it will be like Driving with a GPS. Once you start  using it you won't be able to go back. we will use our brains a little bit less. Unfortunately Professionals in the industry will have to use their brains a a little more to adapt to it's customization.


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