How SCORE Can Help You with Your Business

SCORE used to be an acronym for Senior Core of Retired Executives. SCORE is a government funded business help organization that is a free service fueled by business experienced volunteers that are available to help you plan and improve your business strategies. There are local chapters for SCORE all over the country just waiting to help you with your business. SCORE offers private counseling, seminars workshops and more. Everything is free. All you have to do is call for an appointment or come in when there is open counseling and SCORE is there to help you. I highly recommend SCORE to anyone who is thinking of starting a business of any kind. SCORE will help you to develop a business plan. They will look at your ideas and help you to determine if you have a viable business idea and then help you shape it into a real business. If you have an existing business that seems to be stuck or needs a nudge. SCORE is a great place to go. 

During a time when marketing is going a complete reformation SCORE can be a place to go to get up to speed on the latest trends. You can get the latest business law and tax changes and how they may affect your business. Most business owners tell me they don't see enough help for the small business owner. BetterBizWorks recommends SCORE to every business owner. There isn't a business in America that can't benefit from Free counseling that's got proven experience. Give SCORE a try. You'll be glad you did.



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