I thought this interview with Sergey Brin from Google was worthy of a post. I find it fascinating, that Google's goals are true to pure search results for the user regardless of the founders opinions or background. Google truly strives to create an accurate unbiased search result for the user.  The pureness of their philosophy and steadfastness of their sites on the target of True usability for the end user. I am convinced that Google creates search results that are unswervingly aimed at The end user's needs. I am a believer in their algorithms.

If you want true search engine rankings and excellent traffic results follow the simple rule that your content should be the best that it can be for the user. The results of fulfilling that goal will eventually get you to where you want to be if you serve the end user. It took Google ten years at the time of this writing to achieve their greatness. True greatness takes time and dedication. Here's the video.