Look out Spammers. Google is coming after link and black hat spammers. Google is improving Search from May 22nd and through this summer According to Matt Cutts video on Youtube.com, Google’s new Penguin 2.0 update will target websites that create backlinks through the use of spam tools. Many of us bloggers have been constantly annoyed by these spammers. Advertorials that violate Google's guidelines will also be penalized. We applaud Google for their efforts. Google will also penalize link networks will be more discerning in their analysis of backlinks. They are also working on a better way to handled hacked websites. Many of us have seen the dreaded Google warning about hacked sites. It takes time to get that warning removed after you have cleaned up your server. There will be improvements to webmaster tools to help you. Hopefully the downtime will be lessened. More Authorities sites will be rewarded. These new improvement to Penguin 2.0 is good news for website owners and the web in general. Keep up the good work Google.

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