I have posted a new SEO tips video from a Google employee. Some good viewpoints from Google on mistakes webmasters make and how to avoid them. Features that Google offers to help make SEO are also included. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Coinside planning between online and offline marketing so they work together.
  • Integrate your marketing campaigns
  • use rel="next" and rel="prev markup instead of rel="canonical on subject pages to your page one
  • You can submit up to 500 urls you would like crawled through "fetch as googlebot" in Webmaster tools
  • subscribe to the webmaster central blog
  • Don't get caught in SEO trends
  • Don't chase search engine algorythms search for users instead
  • Dont worry about keyword density create good content
  • Be agile
  • Do something cool
  • Include relavent keywords in your copy
  • plan your tags and site architecture well
  • sign up for email forwarding in webmaster tools
  • attract buzz and natural links
  • Stay fresh and relavent use social media and incorporate new technolgy

Take a look at the video. We're here if you need us. 212-904-0020