The cost of attending college has spiked in recent years and experts expect it will continue to rise for some time to come. In addition to tuition, students and parents also pay for text books, living quarters, meal plans, medical insurance, transportation and other expenses. Without the help of financial aid, college grants or scholarships for students, many students never fulfill their goal of obtaining a degree.

If college seems financially unrealistic for you, AffordCollege will be an optimal financial aid advisor. The experts at AffordCollege will guide families through a structured program designed to help them plan properly for their children's college careers – both academically and financially. AffordCollege does this by :
* Identifying the right fit colleges and helping refine their College List
* Showing how to best obtain need-based AND merit-based financial aid work
* Utilizing the best investment ideas 529's Coverdell IRA's Student Loans Home Equity
* Factoring in affordability throughout the Afford Way Planning process

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