It can be frustrating for people in a saturated industry to optimize their website on a small budget. Sometimes tackling an industry vertical can be an enormous undertaking. Instead of trying to eat the whole pie try taking a small bite. If you are in Real Estate on Staten Island instead of Optimizing your website for NY Real Estate or Even Staten Island Real Estate you might try Foreclosures in Westerleigh. So many real estate agents are using the same keywords for Staten Island Real Estate that you may be more successful using a smaller niche. Once you're successful at marketing that niche you can expand little by little. you've probably heard the joke – How do you eat a whole elephant? Answer – A bite at a time. And so it goes with SEO. Conquer one small niche at a time then move on to the next. The same is true when your using pay per click advertising with a small budget. You can start marketing to a small group with one unique product instead of 100. It takes much less of your budget to market the one product or one small area or one niche. Here's a quick video that you can watch from Google that supports this concept.