President Obama’s New Year Resolution

I was taking a look at peoples New Year Resolutions. President Obama has made a video of his. Unfortunately it isn't fraught with goals. There will however be quite a bit of listening and thinking. I'm impressed.  He is hopeful for a changing economy and some politicians that will come up with new ideas and follow them through. There's a miracle. Republican or Democrat. Small Business Growth doesn't seem to be on anyone's agenda.

It's up to us. America's small business needs to keep keep the economy going. Each one of us is a key link to our future economy. Again America depends upon American Ingenuity to keep America strong. If you are the owner of a small business it will be your skills and know-how that helps promote business in your local area. If enough of us make a difference locally our efforts can spread nationally. Don't wait for a hand-out because it's not coming. Get up off your duff and promote your own business. Run lean and mean. Be innovative and band together through your own local chambers of commerce, small business groups and joint marketing efforts. The risk is great but the rewards are greater. Happy New Year, Small Business of America. 2011 is the year.



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