Print Advertising

Placemat and Takeout Menu Advertising

Advertise on place mats and take-out menus in local restaurants. Reach up to 100,000 people per ad, with front page advertising, to a captive audience, in pleasant surroundings everytime on our restaurant place mats. You can also put your ads in up to 10,000 homes at a time, with our Take-Out Menus. This advertising is ridiculously inexpensive and very effective.

Place Coupons on our “MoneyBags”

BetterBizWorks distributes free shopping bags with printed coupons to retailers. Your company can advertise on these bags, and get your message out to consumers. When people shop, they will take “MoneyBags” home with them, and use the coupons to patronize your store. Coupons can also be printed at where customers can sign up to recieve updates and offers from their favorite stores.

Newsletter Advertising

BetterBizworks offers newsletter advertising through human interest publications in local businesses across NY and NJ.  These publications can be found in Offices of professionals,  restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and business establishments with considerable consumer traffic. the theme is supporting local business and community. Our Ads are inexpensive and effective.

Just contact us for current available geographic locations.