Promoting Your Business on Facebook

It seems like everyone is trying to promote their business on Facebook. Given the fact that at the time of this article Facebook is ranked the number 2 website on the planet, it's a great place to start. I ran across a video that states the facts. It's not instructional but it does give some excellent tips on some of the most important points on starting a Facebook promotional campaign. I would add a couple of points here to help you on your way. First if you are promoting a business or advertising a product or service, create a Facebook page for that business, product or service. Many people are running into issues with Facebook because they are promoting their business on their personal page. Facebook frowns upon this and in many cases people get their accounts suspended for abusing the personal market of Facebook with advertising. Create your personal page, then create a business page. Invite people to your business page and promote your business on it. Leave your personal page for the social networking, not marketing products or services. everyone know I love business, but don't abuse a good thing.

I recommend that you get familiar with Facebook's privacy policy and it's sharing permissions before you use Facebook for networking. Make sure you understand who you are allowing to view your actions. Set your permissions according to your preferences and not Facebook's defaults. 

One last reminder for you social networking addicts. Keep your posts fun and entertaining. find engaging ways to put up posts that let people enjoy interacting with you. Remember people go to social networking sites to have a good time. They're not there to be bombarded with sales presentations.

Finally, my cardinal rule regarding social networking. "It's not what you say about yourself that matters, but what others say about you that makes the difference. If you need help marketing on Facebook we're always available.


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