What is search engine optimization and what does it mean to you as a website owner. I came across this video on the basics of SEO, that I think every webmaster should know about. This video by Lee Lefever does a great job of explaining the basics to website newbies. The most import thing to know is the content is most important. Tricks only work for the short term if your're lucky.  Quality is king.

This video uses a book website as an example.It shows you a few tips on what ingredients make of good search engine optimization. The words you use are important to search engines, but serving up quality content to your customers is key. Page titles should describe what is on the page. These titles should be precise. Inbound links can be important if they are from reputable companies. Buying links is not a good move for the SEO of your website. Check out this video for more information. Give us a call 212-904-0020 or Contact Us.We're happy to help.