Definition: Search Engine Marketing  –  The act of Internet marketing to promote websites by increasing web ranking in search engines. and improving the Position of page listings on result pages through the use of search engine optimization and paid advertisement.

Definition for Search Engine Optimization is the same as the definition for Search Engine Marketing. There is no difference according to what I've read on Wikipedia. In the definitions there the words are changed around but the meaning is basically the same.

The goal of ever website owner should be to improve their position on search engine pages for the best keywords in their industry and geographic footprint. whether you call that search search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing doesn't make a difference. Don't let anyone snow you by telling you that there is a difference. SEO or SEM is the act of improving your position on search engine pages. This can be done by:

  1. Improving your customer experience
  2. Improving your website content
  3. Improving your web page layout
  4. Enhancing your page description
  5. Improving Keywords
  6. making a more user engaging website

All of the items listed above can be summarized by the first element. If you improve your customer experience you will eventually improve your website ranking and position. By improving website content, page layout page description, key words and making a more engaging website you are doing two things. You're improving the customer experience and the ease of  visitors finding your website. Those two things create a more efficient search system and visitor experience, that the search engines will reward you for.

The end result that every website owner looks for is more traffic to their site which results in more sales or a high conversion rate.  For most businesses the end result is the sale. On websites the end result can be conversion rate. Some examples could be:

  • Filling out a form
  • generating a lead
  • collecting an email address or contact info.
  • watching a video or presentation
  • educating a customer
  • getting a review
  • making a sale

Whatever goal you have. The conversion should be the completion of a concrete result that generates something positive to your business. these conversions can include a sale, revenue, customer service, customer satisfaction, lead generation etc.

In order to accomplish conversion to methods apply.

  1. Increasing traffic to your site organically
  2. Increasing traffic to your site through paid advertising


Many people say that increasing your traffic organically is free. I don't believe this to be true. Your time is worth money and growing your site organically takes time. Organic growth includes improving search engine page rank like we discussed earlier. It also includes social networking which is free, but very time consuming. Building relationships on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace doesn't cost anything but time. Lot's of people don't realize the the time they put into some of these social networking sites is time well spent on the improving the structure of their business.  Link Building is another way to increase traffic. Link building is finding worthwhile websites that are willing to link to your website because of synergy or commonality. There are many methods of link building. I don't condone link building the automated or fast track way. The most reputable way of link building is through legitimate websites that find your content interesting and worthwhile. If you build links through an exchange or by questionable means it could cost you in the long run. I am a believer in building traffic through quality, not quantity. Organic marketing is the tried and true method of building long term quality traffic. It takes time and effort but it is worthwhile. It isn't a quick fix but it is the most cost effective in most cases. It turns out that more than 80% of traffic come from organic growth. this growth  will take some time for a new website.

Paid Advertising

The second way to increase website traffic is through paid advertising. Paid advertising includes many methods. some of the methods available are Affiliate Programs, YouTube, contextual Advertising, Banner Advertising, classified ads, educational articles, pay per click ads and many more. There are new methods of advertising out there from all kids of get rich quick scheme companies and lately with the economic slowed down this kind of snake oil for the web has increased dramatically. In most cases if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. An excellent method to increase traffic in minutes and have the ability to regulate that traffic according to your needs is Pay Per Click Advertising. Rather than go trough all of these methods ad nauseam you can check out any of these related articles on our site. Feel free to browse around and learn about anyone of of these methods of advertising. I hope we have cleared up some of the adverting and SEO myths for you. remember don't look for get rich quick schemes in advertising. Look for complaints and review before you invest money in any obscure ad solutions. Good luck and have fun.


In conclusion, every website owner needs to develop a strategy to build onsite traffic. This strategy should include a combination of organic growth which builds slowly and for the long term and build some paid advertising while you are building organically. the paid advertising is more expensive short term but it can provide needed income  and exposure in the beginning while organic optimization isn't fully developed yet. The key to using paid advertising successfully is to run ads that are low in cost in the beginning and test results often. Don't waste money on ads that are not producing results. These small  monetary leaks can add up and sink a great ship. Keep tight controls on your ads. Constantly try to improve conversion rates and eliminate ineffective ads. As your organic results start to improve you can diminish less effective advertising and only keep the ads that perform well for you. hopefully insight to these strategies work well for you.


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