SI Snap’s new look!

SI Snap provides free instructional sports clinics for all special needs children and adults on Staten Island.  SI Snap strives to teach sports skills, sportsmanship, personal conditioning and the importance of working together to achieve goals. Also provided is a sports league where special needs children and adults can play, compete and thrive athletically.

SI Snap offers free instructional clinics throughout the year to teach special needs kids and adults how to play their favorite sports. The importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play and personal conditioning serves as both an enjoyable recreational experience while also providing life long benefits. The end of each clinic is finalized by a graduation ceremony where each player is initiated as a S.T.A.R. (Strong, talented, athletic, respected). After becoming a S.T.A.R., that student has the opportunity to become trained and certified to work within the SI Snap community as a referee, camera person (as most games are filmed) or other exciting position that helps benefit the group.

To get involved or learn more check out our new website!

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