Every once in a while business owners and managers need to stay focused in order to keep their business growing. Every once in a while we need to go back to basics and tune up our business. I came across this video that explains the top 10 business mistakes that business owners make. Take a look at this video and see what you are doing right and what you might improve. If we're not improving we're falling behind. Good luck with you business.


Some of the tips in this video include:

  • Thinking too small or big
  • Loosing focus or drive
  • Taking on too much by yourself
  • Sacrificing your personality
  • Not tracking your advertising
  • Investing too much in one client
  • Going against instincts
  • Lacking Community involvement
  • Poor employee management
  • Trusting that signed contracts will be honored


A few tips that have helped me:

  • Write a business plan
  • Ammend that plan as needed
  • Conduct brain storming sessions with respected professionals
  • Set goals and follow up as needed
  • Utilize business services to your advantage such as SBDC, SCORE, Local Chamber of Commerce, Free Seminars

Owning and running a business takes lots of work. You have to keep improving aspects of the business or you can fall behind your competition. Bookmark this site and sites like it to collect fresh business ideas. New concepts don't have to be your own to help your business. A wide variety of fresh ideas can be helpful.