I always find it interesting to do a top ten search to see what people are looking at in The United States of America. While most of the world is looking at unrest in Egypt, our top ten searches for the day include the marathon searches. One in Houston and the Other in Miami. there are two searches on the Pro Bowl. Pro Bowl 2011 time, and probowl. The scariest search results were that the number 3 and number 9 searches were NYS Unemployment and New York State Unemployment. What does that tell you about the real economic numbers in New York.   David Frye, an American comedian died yesterday and he takes the number six slot in search for the day, followed by the SAG awards, or Screen Actor's Guild Awards, which will be handed out tonight. Next at number 8 the the Rolex 24 at Daytona, for those racing enthusiasts. The last of the top ten searches for the day is cabinets to go, and I have no idea why.

So when we look at America's interests today half of them revolve around sporting events which include two marathons, the Pro Bowl and the Rolex 24 race. It seems like New York is concerned about jobs in NY taking two spots.The death of David Frye is number 6. The build-up of the Screen Actor's Guild Awards and lastly cabinets to go. What does that tell you about our priorities? If it's not about our discomfortit's about our entertainment. That's what the majority of us think about, I guess. It's no wonder the rest of the world views America as self centered.

That concludes today's top searches.