What marketing is effective for your business? There are so many options available. I listen to a few self proclaimed marketing experts every week. I find useful information and I also find loads of useless information that will lead business down the wrong path. Many new marketing techniques are equivalent to screaming with a megaphone into a soundproof box. I watch people doing seminars on the latest new trends when they haven't even tried them on their own. Many don't look at the facts before they tout the newest technology.

If you don't want to get hurt with Internet marketing, look at the numbers first. before trying the next social networking site that no one knows about make sure you know how many users are subscribed. wasting your time on something that doesn't work can cost you more than throwing money at it. Just because you aren't spending money doesn't mean chasing marketing butterflies isn't costing you substantial money. We all know that the top search engines and social marketing networks can yield excellent results. The reason is the high number of users that take advantage of these services. The top three search engines can yield excellent results. So can the top three social networking groups. when we talk about search engines we know that Google, Yahoo and Bing can bring results. When we look at Social Networking Facebook Twitter and Linked In can help us dramatically. Why? Because all of them have hundreds of millions of users. the shear exposure that popular marketing strategies can give you are excellent because you can get vast exposure quickly. I see many people make the mistake of trying new things without looking at how much exposure they can get. If the marketing tool that your are looking at isn't boasting about their numbers, it's probably because they cant. You could spend weeks building a profile on networking platform that has no users. you could spend months building ad campaigns on platforms that have no buyers. Always look at the numbers first. Then If the number impress you do a small test and measure your results.

The beauty of internet advertising is the ability to measure results before you spend too much on any ad campaign. Any program that doesn't offer you a form of measurement should be looked at with a discerning eye. We all know we have to be quick to adapt or die, but adapting to quickly without proper research can kill you just as fast. With all of this in mind I found this video interesting . It talks about the way today's consumer is thinking. Take a look.