Unveiling a new website for Future Einsteins

BetterBizWorks LLC is proud to announce the release of the website for Future Einsteins Tutoring and Help Center for Dyslexic Children.

Future Einsteins is an Orton- Gillingham Tutoring service that provides resources and individual tutoring to children who have dyslexia or who struggle with literacy in general. Supplying a vast amount of resources for both the students and parents of children with dyslexia, Future Einsteins is responsible for having paved the way to literacy for hundreds of children on Staten Island.

The tutors at Future Einsteins are certified through Orton- Gillingham Practitioners and implement audio, visual and kinesthetic learning techniques for reading.  Through several multi sensory methods of learning, children who suffer from dyslexia can successfully grasp the many rules and generalizations that compose the English language.

To find out more about the tutoring services provided by Future Einsteins.

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