Using Google Insights

Google Insights is an analysis tool that allows businesses and marketing companies to see how effective campaigns are at increasing awareness through online searches in Google. this online marketing tool offers geographic and time filters from 2004 on. I also allows you to sort by category.  Google insights also offers the top ten related search terms in order of highest use. You can also get a list of related rising search terms.  Most of this information can be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis offline. Google Insights can be a valuable tool for your online marketing arsenal. I have included a video for Insights that shows how this can be used for large company marketing campaigns. Google Insights is similar to Google Trends. Insights offers more filtering and a different way of measuring marketing data. Both tools can be effective tools for small and large business marketing campaigns. they are also a great way to spot rising interest in many markets. Here's a 60 second video to wet your appetite on Insights.


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