If you're starting a business today, you need to consider the type of website you want to represent your company. Are you looking to establish your brand? Building your brand will help potential customers recognize your business and its purpose. The design of your website should attract new prospects and funnel them towards measurable transaction .This measurable transaction could be the purchase of a product, the completion of a contact form, or subscription, etc. Tracking your website traffic and comparing it to the number of measurable transactions will allow you to Measure your ROI (Return On Investment) Setting up a website should be an investment, not a cost.


  Websites are so important. What is the best way to choose how to get your website built?

   Should you build a website yourself or have it done professionally?

   Which of the two would be better for your business?

   It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your business to be a leading competitor in your specific market. With the decisions you make, there are bound to be benefits and drawbacks that come with it, deciding to build your site yourself or hiring someone is no different. Some of the benefits from building your own website would include:

  • Flexibility. With building your own website, you can have it meet your specifications and manipulate it on your time, if you have the ability.
  • Save Money. You can save the money you would spend on having a professional site built for you.
  • Control. You'll maintain control on how the site looks and how items are displayed if this is within the boundaries of the software you are using.


   Just as easily you can find the pros of "do it yourself" web building you can find the cons:

  • Lacks Professionalism. Many of the templates made by these web building sites tend to lack what is needed to make your website look truly professional and market your brand effectively.
  • Lacks Customization. Because you are forced to work with the templates provided by web building sites, other websites made with the same web builder tend to look identical to each other.
  • Time Consumption. It’s not as simple as "cut&paste" when putting your website together. You have to input the information, make sure the information shows up in the right place, make sure the page displays properly, etc.


   You may find that building your own website is the way to go after considering what you will be expecting out of it or you may find it to be overwhelming after considering your options. Don't forget, besides building your own website, you have another option. Just like creating your own site hiring a professional has pros and cons:

  • Makes Sure Your Website Meets Standards. A professional will know what is necessary to make sure that your website not only meets your standards but the the standards of web hosts and search engines and best practices. It needs to look good on every browser. Not just your own.
  • Takes less time. Because you have someone creating your website for you, you have more time to invest into your business without stressing about making sure your website is being created.
  • Maintenance. You won't have to worry about your site or something on your site crashing and leaving you stuck because a professional checks to make sure your website is running smoothly.
  • Your Message Having your website done by marketing professionals will set you apart from the standard websites with a clear concise message and an identifiable brand. This should be your most important objective when creating your website


   When looking for the negatives, you'll find:

  • Cost. Hiring a professional can be a bit costly but in the long run, you may find it to be a smart investment.
  • Control. You lose some control when allowing a professional to create your website. It may not look exactly like how you picture it in your mind however; you may rest knowing that the website will be optimized so that you get as much business as possible from your online consumers.


   Regardless of the methodology you choose we wish you luck in your online endeavors. If you choose to have your websites professionally done, please consider Better Biz Works, You'll have a professional designers and programmers that will work with you to create a positive effective message that can increase revenue. We can help potential customers find your site by helping you increase web traffic ad sales. Feel free to contact us, or call 212-904-0020