BetterBizWorks, LLC provides superior website design and Internet Marketing to Companies on Staten Island. If you have a business on Staten Island and you're thinking of creating a web presence you you show call us and set an appointment to see why more businesses turn to us for a new website , and or internet marketing. At BetterBizworks we offer websites with or without an Internet marketing package. This allows you to choose to build a website a la carte or with a marketing plan built in, which we will review later on in the article. First lets go over what makes our websites better than what the majority of other web designers offer. first we have offices located in Staten Island on Victory Blvd and in  Lincoln Park NJ. this allows us to physically meet with our customers all over the NY and NJ metro region. We offer websites that contain their own content management system, which means that the business owner or their employees can change and edit the body of their own websites anytime they want. We offer our expertise if you want us to manage everything, but if you want something changed immediately you are free to change almost anything you like, with little knowledge of how websites work. We offer free training and workshops on content management, Internet marketing and search engine optimization for our customers. We believe that knowledge is the key to successful web marketing and we're not afraid to share our methodology with our customers. there's no smoke and mirrors to promoting your website. That's why we offer free seminars at local public meeting places and our offices on a regular basis.

For websites that don't require a real time shopping cart for retail sales, we usually offer WordPress based sites. WordPress is based on open source technology, which means that the source code for the website software is open to the public to modify, with certain stipulations. This allows programmers all over the world to improve the software as long as they send their modifications to the original creators and they make it available to the public. This allows WordPress website software to evolve at low cost. this emerging technology and cost savings can be passed on to website owners and that's one of the things that makes our websites so powerful.  WordPress also has superior blogging capabilities to all other type of websites at the time of this writing. We believe that blogs are a great way to add meaningful content and interaction to your website. If used properly it can increase website ranking and create a superior website experience for your users.

We have a recipe book of plugins for WordPress that helps optimize your website for higher traffic, website ranking and user experience. Some of the plugins we add to your website, make for easier administration and make organizing and running your website easier creating cost savings and more profitability.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have quality programmers that can customize websites to your specifications if needed. We have artistic graphic designers, and dedicated customer service personnel to make your website superior to the average website in the marketplace, with the support that every busy business owner needs and deserves. We are always available to answer your questions and make modifications as you need them. We go beyond by enhancing our service with added educational workshops to keep you abreast of technological changes in Internet advertising and website technology.

BetterBizWorks offers packages from small 3-5 page websites to websites with hundreds of thousands of pages. You can have us create a unique look and we can help you market your brand on the Internet once we've created it for you.

We offer retail websites with Real time shopping carts for those who require their customers to purchase right then and there. We can create sites for informational purposes, education, philanthropy or consultation. Whatever your desire we can create it the way that you need it. 

Websites with merchant services that are integrated to your shopping cart are built on a regular basis. We offer integrated payment processing tailored to your needs.  We also are knowledgeable in cyber security, so that you can be secure in the knowledge that our sites are compliant with the latest secure technology to keep your website and data safe.

Our technical capabilities allow us to create customer relationship management databases on the cloud, allowing businesses to organize their companies, sales and service from anywhere with an Internet connection. We can customize these database to suit your needs. these databases can work separately or in tandem with your website.

Once your website is built we don't abandon you. We happy to guide you through how to market your website on you own or we're here to help you with a custom marketing program provided by us.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing we can offer you a wide variety of services from basic keyword optimization and content writing to manual link building, social networking, profile building, website submission, online ad management, affiliate program management and much more. we can offer you dedicated marketing people to run your Internet marketing programs or you can choose marketing packages or hourly rates for custom marketing. We make it easy to choose a marketing plan that fits you needs and budget.

If you're looking for a website call us and we'll help you plan a website that will keep up with the changing market. call 212-904-0020 or contact us.