Where are My Google Docs?

If you are a Google Mail user, you most likely experienced a major “WTF” moment last week as you probably noticed that your Google Docs were nowhere to be found.  Google has a pretty good track record on alerting users about changes and events in regards to their services and applications.  In March, Google notified us when their privacy and search policies were changed and shortly after, they notified us about a defective Cuisinart Coffee Maker that had malfunctioned in a small lobby on the second floor of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.  While Google usually alerts its users on even minute changes, there was no warning of the Google Docs transfer, thus leaving many users frustrated and confused.

Where are my Google Docs?

For those of you searching near and far, you can stop.  Your Google Docs can easily be recovered through a new feature called Google Drive.  Google Drive is a new component  which allows you to to access all of your documents (word documents, spreadsheets, images etc.) from several different avenues including your desktop, tablet, mobile device and more.  When first uploading your new Google Drive feature, you will be provided with an immediate 5GB of space; however, you can upgrade to get more space whenever you need it.  To learn more about Google apps and see a full list of the benefits, click this link.

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