Here at BetterBizWorks we offer Seminars and Workshops in Staten Island and New Jersey on Online Marketing Best Practices. There are many offers and promises by unscrupulous companies on the web claiming miraculous changes in page ranking. Some of these techniques are call Blackhat SEO. these techniques can have you banned from a search engine. There are telemarketers offering #1 page rank on Google. Most of these promises are false and even scams. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Be cautious about any company that won't tell you everything they do, to improve your website ranking. It's possible that some of the techniques they use are not proper in the eyes of the search engines and that can cost you.

The bottom line is that each search engine has their own set of rules on the Do's and Dont's of SEO, and it's your job as a website owner to adhere to them. I usually use Google as an example in my blog article because they represent the lion's share of search engine traffic. Every website owner should enroll in  . Go to Google's Guidelines should follow Google's advice on how to set up webmaster tools. The first place you should go to is Webmaster Guidelines. This is where Google tells you what you should do and what you shouldn't do in regards to their rules in search engine Marketing. This is the most important research you will ever do in regards to your Internet Marketing and SEO. I am amazed at how many people don't look at Google's guidelines before deciding to try something that could ban them from Google's search engine. That's right all the hard work you do to get traffic to your website can be taken away overnight if you break a search engine's rules. This is why you must read the guidelines of all the major search engines and adhere to their rules.It's a good idea to review them periodically and whenever a new techniques is offered that you think may not beabove board.  As of this writing Google, Yahoo! and Bing and Bing are the top three search engines and as someone who owns or manages a website you should be familiar with their guidelines at the very least. 

I see lots of videos that offer software that automates comments, creates false proxies, enhances spam tactics and the like. all of these things can really hurt you. Many of these companies tell you that they can mask these techniques so you won't get banned. Like most criminals you may benefit for the short term, but technology will eventually catch up and you will most likely be banned. My advice is don't do it.  Google offers tutorials on how to improve website traffic. Go with the Tried and true method. Put on your White Hat and be proud.

If you have questions email us and we'll try and get you the right answers or read the guidelines on Google's webmaster tools and the  other search engine guideline. You'll be glad you did.


Charles DiBartolo

BetterBizWorks, LLC