Pay Per Click Advertising can be an effective way to sell your product or service online. An ad that appeals to your customer is necessary to get you a good return on investment. The best strategy for writing an effective ad campaign includes the following:

  • Relevant content
  • Proper keywords
  • Sell Benefits
  • Run test Ads

Make sure you make the best use of your content. Google bolds words in your ad that match the keywords that are searched. Using the proper keywords and having them appear in your ad will make it stronger. Mention benefits instaed of features like in any good sales campaign. Run variations of your ad and test to see which ads yield greater returns. Play with the titles as a test, then test the offers. Check the results of each variation and adapt the most effective ads to increase your ROI.

Take a look at this video to re-affirm the basics. BetterBizWorks, LLC can help you or we can manage the whole process for you.