Everyone asks us to put a Facebook like button on their website. Some people ask us to put put a link from their website to their Facebook page, which I think is a bit backwords. As a website owner your goal should be to bring people from your social media pages to your website, where a quantifiable transaction can be created. An excellent method for doing this is to post a quote from your blog on your Facebook business page or your personal page, if applicable. Post an intriging catch-phrase along with your link and you can attract people from your social network to your blog or website.

At the time of this writing there are apps that post automatically but I haven't found any that works perfectly, and the use of certain types of automation can get you banned from certain social networks. Remeber that these links are also excellent for SEO and linkbuilding because most social networking sites have much stronger pageranks than the average blog or website. Their pages get instant search engine recognition and the social networks get more real-time coverage.

Rember to be courteous and not self serving when it comes to using Facebook or other social networking websites for linking to your site. Your links should be entertaining, informative and educational. They should not be infommercials, shameless plugs or ads. The use of these types of marketing can surely grt you banned.

Creating entertaining and informative links from your social pages can create a loyal following of valuable subscribers, so choose your contnent wisely. Don't bombard your network with useless information, but reward them with priceless jewels and nuggets of wisdom and you will be rewarded with a solid base of loyal followers. So good luck with your blogging and website traffic. Remember to alway follow best practices. Happy Blogging.