2015 photoThe Web Design Trends for 2015 include clean, flat design with large beautiful images. All websites should be responsive. Given the current trends with tablets and smart phones you can’t afford not to have a responsive website. Font styles over and above the traditional 10 are the rage. Google fonts and web font kits make it easier for designers to use varied fonts and styles that can work well with most platforms. The key to profitability for the year is for websites to build seamless integration for lead generation. The customer should not feel imposed upon, when it comes to signing up for newsletters, email lists, appointments and information. They should feel like each online subscription is a seamless interaction and a natural part of the user experience. The results of this seamless lead generation integration is a higher return on investment for your company.

Websites in 2015 should create more leads and in turn more revenue. Embrace the new trends for 2015 in web design. They should pay high dividends and improve user experience on the web.Web Design Development