Online MarketingApps are extremely present in today’s business world. They are widely useful to the company, as well as the consumer. Apps are a great tool for entrepreneurs to take advantage of today’s technology, to stay organized, and up to date.

Google Drive- Google’s new drive app, docs, allows users to transport and edit files from any PC, smartphone, or tablet. The app also includes 5GB of full cloud drive, which allows the user to save their documents to their gmail account. According to Google, their servers guarantee 99.9% uptime on your business email, and their high-tech spam filters keep spam out of your inbox.

Trello-This product management app tracks your workplace’s tasks and assignments. The users are able to add members, checklists, comments, and anything else needed to make the cards as in depth and helpful as possible. Whenever a user edits or updates a card, Trello notifies each member via mobile device and email. This app is free to use on any device.

Evernote- This app can help users quickly jot and remember ideas, proposals, and plans. It also lets the user store ideas by text and voice memos, so it’s great for people on the go. The app also offers scheduled reminders, which will be synced with notifications and calendars.

Expensfy- This app makes it easier for owners and employees to manage business finances. Users are also able to file/scan their receipts, and submit expense reports. Expensfy has nearly one million users in only four years.