GOOGLE TRENDS LOGOGoogle Trends is an important business tool that allows you to discover what’s been the top trend everywhere in the world.  Google Trends is a service that offers charts that show how frequently words, phrases and issues have been searched for over a certain amount of time. Using Google Trends you can examine up to five key phrases at a time and also notice how regularly those subjects have been stated in news stories and discover which geographic regions the issues have been explored the most.

Google Trends also includes the lists of Hot Topics and Hot Searches.

Hot Searches measure searches that are the most popular at the moment.

Hot Topics measures trending standings in news and social media. This is a measurement of what people are talking about on the Internet.


The real value for business is identifying key trends in your industry. Imagine if you wanted to research trends in the footwear industry. You could search boots, sandals, sneakers, shoes, etc, and see the cycles and trends. You could break it down by location and get a good idea of when you should be advertising, buying and getting rid of inventory. Any company pondering a new venture should be using Google Trends as a research tool for their business. Try this tool and you’ll have a new weapon in your marketing arsenal.


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